Business Valuation Services

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Valuation Services

  1. Fixed Assets Valuations
  2. Intangible Assets Valuations
  3. Business Valuation for different purposes

MNK Valuation Services offers appraisals of all tangible and intangible asset categories, establishing values for assets by taking into account numerous quantitative and qualitative factors. Our reports are rigorously peer-reviewed by senior level appraisers, who confirm the validity of the assumptions and the data before approving the documents.

Headquartered in London Valuation Services has Corresponding offices in key cities around the world such as Dubai, Muscat & Khartoum.

Asset Valuation Services

We have expertise in a wide range of Asset Classes, including Inventory, Machinery and Equipment, Real Estate, and Enterprise Valuation. From Aerospace and Financial Services to Retail and Energy to Healthcare and Technology, we have delivered valuations for all industries. And we have provided services from Lending and Financial Reporting to Enterprise Planning and Litigation Support.

· Valuations range from a single asset in one location to millions of assets in scores of locations

·  All tangible and intangible asset categories

·   Industry’s most accurate appraisals

· Appraisers and analysts are responsive, accessible

· Comprehensive proprietary databases and world class technology

Our valuations support these applications:

·         Asset-Based and Cash Flow Loans and Collateral Monitoring

·         Acquisition and Sale Fairness Opinions

·         Investments

·         Capital Raises

·         ESOP

·         Management Buyouts

·         Inter-Shareholder Transactions

·         Estate Tax Matters

·         Restructuring and Bankruptcies

·         Financial Reporting

·         Valuation Disputes

·         Tax Valuations

Unique to MNK Valuation Services is the ability to affirm asset values through proprietary market data obtained from the worldwide asset disposition and acquisition experiences of MNK Global.

Gain complete confidence in your valuations.

Our unmatched global experience in valuing assets…
…translates into the industry’s most accurate appraisals.


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